IWTYTS – How to persuade with ease

Have you ever wondered what one of the most powerful tools of influence is?

I’ve found and witnessed first hand, whispering, when used properly, can become your most effective tool for influence and persuasion. Not only should contrast in volume already be integrated into your daily communication but the whisper specifically evokes many unconscious triggers that will help people agree with you, buy from you, and genuinely want to hear what you’re saying.

If we think critically as to why that is, it becomes very clear. The whisper sets off a trigger in the mind of your audiences that what your saying is either secretive, important, or scarce. All three of which cause the people your communicating with to whether they know the reason why or not to focus, engage, and to take what your saying seriously

Now don’t take this lightly because of it’s simplicity. Let me give you two examples of ways that I commonly use the whisper, the impact it has and than follow that up with how you can put it into practice starting today.

(If you prefer these tips in video, check out how to persuade with ease here)

Whisper Image.jpg
Last week I’m having a conversation with one of my work mates John Connell. He’s an incredible guy, really one of my best friends. Typically, we talk about goals and personal development and on this occasion we landed on the topic of books.

He’s across the room, so I lean in slightly and say in a whisper, “hey John, do you want to know the rule I use for picking what books I read?” He reacted just like I expected. He looked side to side as if I was telling him a secret (now I didn’t say it was a secret but unconsciously he perceived what I was saying as important and secretive), stood up and walked from across the room to sit down beside me where we talked about books for about 10 minutes.

 It can be that simple to engage and draw people into what you want to talk about!

Another example is whenI give feedback to the people I coach in speaking. For the most part feedback is best given in the sandwich approach. Tell them what they did well,  move into room for improvement, and then, I’ll naturally lower my volume for what I think will make the biggest impact.

The second my volume dips, unconsciously they know they are about to get the goods! The most important point, the point they will take away and think about for the next few days, is on the tip of my tongue. I didn’t need to say it was important, because again, they recognize based on my volume that what I’m saying is important.

Hopefully by now you can see that the slightest variations in your delivery can have a massive impact on everyday encounters.

Do This. 

What I want to challenge you to do, is in the next 3 conversations you have, is incorporate the whisper. When you deliver a point that you want someone to remember or take away, drop your volume as naturally as possible. However, do avoid a dramatic change in volume to something that becomes inaudible or that comes off as contrived. It will not be as effective as a natural transition.

Start in those low stakes conversations and naturally progress into your business meetings, pitches and of course when you’re on stage. If the whisper works for you as well as it has for me, you’ll begin to persuade and influence with ease and find your self engaging audiences, winning deals and holistically improving your communication!

 Till next time stay on the offensive. Aggressively pursue a better version of yourself. And remember what Jim Rohn said, “You cannot change the destination of your life overnight but you can change your direction.”




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