IWTYTS – 80/20 Principle

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule?

Also known as the Pareto Principle, super achievers have been using the 80/20 rule to shorten the learning curves for new skills for hundreds of years. It refers to getting clear on the 20% of your actions or inputs that will create 80% of what you want (which in our case is successful communication).

The first time I ever encountered the principle was in 2014 while reading Tim Ferriss’ book, the four hour work week. At the time I was building my first business and decided to test the idea to see if it worked.

(If you prefer these tips in video, you can find the 80/20 principle here)

It worked…

As a business owner there were so many things I could be focusing my time on from writing lists of prospects, cold calling, even buying pens! But using the 80/20 analysis I quickly realized that none of those activities were income producing. Therefore, none of those actives were my highest priority outputs. They weren’t the 20% of activities I should have been focused on.

It also helped me double down on what mattered. At the time, I learned that if I spent the vast majority of my time promoting events, I could win.

So I did just that.

My business took off! We build a sales team of over 50 people in less than 2 years and to this day it still bills over 6 figures in recurring revenue each year.


I want to help you achieve the same thing with I Will Teach You To Speak. Together we’ll double down on what matters most to public speaking and learn the rest later. Fortunately, I’ve already done it for myself, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

The first thing I did when I dove into public speaking last year was figure out the 20% that would give me the success that I wanted.

“The 20% that matters, that will unlock better relationships, a better career, and standing ovations is confidence.” – Me 

Simple, yes.

Easy, not so much.

Some people just stopped reading because they said to themselves, “That’s it? There’s got to be more to it than that.”

Well to those people I’d say, well I can’t actually say because they just left, but because you’re still here I’d say that’s right. There is more to it than that. But it’s not the 20%!

In this series we’ll get to the other 80%. We’ll explore the impact of variety in volume, pacing, pitch, tone, to body language, eye contact, and gesticulation, all the way to story telling, speech writing, and the unconscious levers you can pull to influence.

But there’s no point in starting there.

Today is about simplicity and getting you to take the first step, the step towards confidence. If you’re one of those people that say to themselves, “I would rather die, than speak in public,” or maybe it’s only a bit of anxiety in social environments, heed my advice after thousands of hours of practice: develop your confidence through exposure.

Nothing will build your confidence more than public speaking itself.

kid with mic

Just like you only became a confident kisser by kissing. Or only became a confident athlete by hundreds of shots or games. You will only become a confident speaker by standing up and speaking in front of groups.

Do This.

Here is how easy it can be for you to build your confidence, once a week, for 8-12 weeks stand in front of a group and share. Start small. Find a local toastmasters club, improv class, or debate team.

For those of you that think public speaking confidence is so out of reach and only an exclusive elite group of people, it only takes 2-3 months of consistent exposure to build a foundation of confidence. I’ve seen it in myself, in my peers and even in my shyest friends.

Do yourself, your family and your community a favour by starting today and taking the first step towards your public speaking success.

Next week, you’ll have wished it you started today. Next year, you’ll have wished you started this year.

Believe in yourself and start today!

Till next time stay on the offensive. Aggressively pursue a better version of yourself.And remember what Jim Rohn said, “You can’t change the destination of your life overnight but you can change your direction.”




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