Do The Opposite

If most North Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, the majority obese or overweight and a staggering number of people feel unfulfilled, why are we funneled down the same path?

If the majority of people struggle with what is often seen as the fundamentals to a happy life, financial achievement, health and vitality and our spiritually, isn’t success in all of these areas as simple as doing the opposite of most people?

It’s practical… It’s logical… But, it has to be more complicated than that right? Let’s take a look.

  1. Do you think most people wake up inspired to take action and conquer the day? Or do most people wake up tired and groggy, only to hit snooze and fall back asleep for another 10-30 minutes?
  2. Do you think most people eat 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day? Or do most people consume enormous amounts of sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats?
  3. Do you think most people do resistance workouts with high intensity 3-4x per week? Or do most people make excuses about lack of time and get into the gym with no consistency?
  4. Do you think most pay themselves 10-20% of their income first before they spend money on expenses? Or do most people struggle so much with their expenses they don’t even have the opportunity to pay themselves at all?
  5. Do you think most people invest at least 10% of their income of their own personal and professional development? Or do most people invest their money into entertainment rather than education?
  6. Do you think most people are working to consistently get out of their comfort zones? Or do most people live their life in a box afraid to venture out and grow?

I’d be more than happy to continue with more examples but I believe you get the point. If you don’t, ponder this thought from Jim Rohn,

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day”.

If most people aren’t willing to practice the simple disciplines that make up a successful life, we should have no problem separating ourselves from the masses. Read over the questions above one more time. This time I want you to place yourself inside those examples. Do you identify with the first question or the second? My guess is that if you’re taking the energy to read this blog, you’re already well on your way to creating the disciplines necessary to live your best life. Kudos to you for reading!

Perhaps you identify with the second questions, and that’s OK. Remember that today is the perfect day to begin changing the direction of your life! I strongly believe that a fulfilled life is much less complicated than we make it. Whatever most people are doing, you should probably do the opposite. It’s 9:07Pm on a Wednesday night as I’m writing this post. Most people are either watching TV or scrolling through social media right now. That’s OK… If you have no goals. But, again, if you’re reading this I know you have a burning desire like me to do something great.

Do this.

Starting today, look at how you can do the opposite of most people. If most people zig, try to zag. Starting today, forget the habits that most people have. Most people are broke, tired and uninspired. We have a real opportunity to discipline ourselves. To build the habits that will support us. To build the habits that will support our familes. And by doing so, by doing the opposite of most people, I’m convinced we’ll live an extraordinary life together.

Till next time, stay on the offensive. Aggressively pursue a better version of yourself. And remember what Jim Rohn said, “You cannot change the destination of your life overnight, but you can change your direction”.




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