How to get started, keep going, and feel fulfilled chasing your goals

The majority of my life I have lied to myself. I have made commitments, set goals and promised myself I would take an action, only to disappoint myself over and over and over again. So, what held me back? What hold millions of people back everyday from accomplishing their goals?
Like me, I strongly believe a disproportionate amount of people aren’t being held accountable for their word.
Lack of accountability is dangerous. For most people it leads to a life of waiting, pondering. and contemplating. Without action, without accountability, it’s understandable why millions of brilliant, creative and well meaning people never accomplish their hearts greatest dreams and desires.
I found this to be true in my own life, many times, and the hard way. In the next few minutes I will urge you to implement accountability in your own life. If done with intentionally, with structure and the right intentions, you will find it helps you get started on your goals, keeps you going, and makes the entire process of goal achievement more fulfilling.
Accountability Gets You Started Taking Action
In November of 2016 my best friend Ryan and I were reflecting on how the past year had progressed. We looked at our relationships, our finances, and ultimately the goals that we had set from the beginning of the year. We admitted that neither had completed what we hoped we would. Sound familiar? Setting goals year after year, getting side tracked or procrastinating, and than looking back a year later totally uninspired to get started with this years goals?
That’s where we were. Hell, I told Ryan that I would have a minimum of 15 blog posts completed by December 1st, 2017! I hadn’t even started. Frustrated, we decided that 2017 would be different.  We decided not to tackle this year alone. That if we worked as a team, holding each other responsible for our word, that we could not only set big goals, but that we could accomplish them!
If it wasn’t for the system we developed, I would still be planning the stories I wanted to share, worrying about how readers may judge me, and coming up with other excuses as to why I couldn’t jump in and get the ball rolling.
With accountability on the other hand, I was forced immediately into action. My goals were no longer just ideas floating around in my head  They were real and shared with another human being. Humans easily lie to ourselves. But we have a hard time committing our word to someone we respect, and not following through. Knowing that I had my accountability call with Ryan in 7 days, I was forced into action. I knew I committed my word and I respected Ryan to much to not start. Today I am lightyears ahead of this years goals and can’t wait to crush every one of them!
Accountability Keeps You Going
The path to anything worth doing in life is laid on a road of obstacles. In the pursuit of your goals, sometimes you just get hit with roadblock after roadblock and obstacle after relentless obstacle. Having an accountability partner will help keep you going.
I never realized it until many years later, but when I battling with depression at 16, I had an accountability partner. I was abusing drugs at the time and knew, if I truly wanted to make a positive change in my life I had to quit. But, for anyone that personally knows the battle one faces when they are at war with an addiction, it wasn’t easy.
I told myself I would quit over and over only to relapse within 24- 48 hours. That cycle continued for weeks until I had an idea to throw out everything I owned that would trigger me to use it. It worked! For less than a week… I quickly found people in my high school that I could buy from and was immediately struggling again, worse then when I had I started.
Months later nothing had changed. Until I finally decided to tell my dad what I was going through. He expressed that as a police officer he knew the symptoms from the beginning. He understood I was in pain, and was much more empathetic than I ever expected.
Together we started again, and together it kept me going.
6 years later I look back admiring the courage I had to ask for help. I appreciate that if it wasn’t for the accountability and trust between me and my Dad, I’d likely still be addicted to this very day.  
Accountability Makes The Process Fulfilling
Life is too short to set and achieve goals alone. Accountability partners make the entire process more fulfilling and fun. With an accountability partner, as much as they are helping you stay on track of your goals, you’re simultaneously helping them stay on track with their goals! Tony Robbins says,
“The secret to living is giving”
 Accountability is about so much more than you! It is a processes of actively giving a part of yourself to support and inspire someone you love and respect. By joining forces with an accountability partner you will have more fun accomplishing your goals and you will feel more fulfilled in helping someone else accomplish theres!
Week over week, I feel good about the progress I’m making on my goals.  But, more than I could have ever anticipated, I feel amazing about the progress that Ryan is making! This made me realize the truth in Tony Robbins words. If I feel even better helping Ryan, than I do achieving my own wins… Than the secret to life is giving.
I hope my stories of accountability leave a lasting impression on you. I hope that it inspires you to tackle this new year with an accountability partner. If you do… Look out! 2017 will be the most action packed, fulfilling and new years resolution butt kicking years of your life!
Ps. If you’re interested in the system Ryan and I use for our accountability, I will be posting another blog later this week. It will highlight the frequency, structure and tools we use to make sure we’re held responsible for our word!

Till next time, stay on offense. Aggressively pursue a better version of yourself. And remember what Jim Rohn said, “You cannot change the destination of your life overnight, but you can change your direction”.

– J



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